Why Nordicists Are Not Aryan

With the growth and advancement of archaeogenetics, we now have a clearer picture of the likely Proto-Indo-Europeans (the Yamnaya) and their offshoots such as the Sintashta and Indo-Aryan cultures. We now know that the Proto-Indo-Europeans emerged in the steppes of Southern Russia and Ukraine c. 4,000 to 3,000 B.C. They appear to have been relatedContinue reading “Why Nordicists Are Not Aryan”

Why I Abandoned Nordicism

I became a full-fledged White Nationalist and Nordicist when I saw young attractive white girls hooking up with and dating Southern Europeans, non-whites, and especially black men in my youth. As a love-shy white man of northern European extraction, I found this very discomforting. On the internet, I found a home on websites and inContinue reading “Why I Abandoned Nordicism”

Why Nordicists Fear Mediterranean and South Asian Men

This blog would be incomplete without discussing why Nordicists fear Southern European, West Asian, and South Asian men. On the surface, they may imply they are superior racial specimens to these other men, but below the surface they have a fear that women of their subrace may choose these other men instead. This act byContinue reading “Why Nordicists Fear Mediterranean and South Asian Men”

Why Nordicists Claim Other Civilizations

The subject of Nordicists appropriating the cultural achievements of others has been widely discussed. However, the claims of Nordicists are generally not taken very seriously, especially as DNA evidence confirms the genetic flow of historical populations. Some scientists even believe that blondism, at least to the degree it now exists in northern Europe, spread toContinue reading “Why Nordicists Claim Other Civilizations”

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