Why Nordicists Fear Mediterranean and South Asian Men

Mediterranean Chad vs. Nordicist Nordcuck.

This blog would be incomplete without discussing why Nordicists fear Southern European, West Asian, and South Asian men. On the surface, they may imply they are superior racial specimens to these other men, but below the surface they have a fear that women of their subrace may choose these other men instead. This act by northern European women is seen not only as betrayal, but also an implicit affirmation of the genetic unworthiness of the men who perceive themselves as abandoned (this is their perception, not reality, I should stress).

Since Nordicism puts fair skin and hair on a pedestal, and because these traits are believed to be genetically recessive, there is a fear among Nordicist men that allowing competing races of men in their societies enables their genetic annihilation. Already, these men find themselves overwhelmed by rising hypergamy among women and sexual competition among the men of their own kind. Adding this type of genetic diversity to a pool perceived as recessive, and given the predilection for exotic genes in mate selection – if not in the majority of cases at least in a significant minority – we can see using this logic why Nordicist men would obsess about the presence of potential competitors in their midst.

In actuality, no particular race or subrace of men is superior to another in any objective sense. Men perceived to be sexual competitors, such as Mediterranean and South Asian men, are thus not superior. I only highlight this point because, despite the arrogance of Nordicist men (usually it’s men) in asserting their superiority in various ways (particularly in boasting of the achievements of their group and in claiming the achievements of others), there is an underlying fear that their women may select these supposedly inferior men instead, or at least enough over time that their recessive genes are diminished in the population.

The solution, then, is not to corral women to control their reproductive organs and reimplement National Socialism, or some type of bizarre traditionalism inspired by pre-industrial societies. Rather, it is for these men to adjust to the realities of an increasingly pluralistic society and to simply make themselves more sexually competitive by bettering themselves. Just as they presumably reject the notion of equality of outcomes in jobs or economic status, so too should they abandon the hope that their individual shortcomings will be alleviated by some type of enforced monogamy of a National Socialist character.

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I am a former White Nationalist and Nordicist who has decided to evolve and embrace humanity. I believe we are all one big human family and that our higher mission is to peacefully coexist.

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