Why Nordicists Claim Other Civilizations

Why Nordicists claim other civilizations.

The subject of Nordicists appropriating the cultural achievements of others has been widely discussed. However, the claims of Nordicists are generally not taken very seriously, especially as DNA evidence confirms the genetic flow of historical populations. Some scientists even believe that blondism, at least to the degree it now exists in northern Europe, spread to a large extent in the historical period. The Proto-Indo-Europeans (the Yamnaya) and their offshoots such as the Indo-Aryans were thus swarthy, or at least not as light-skinned as modern northern Europeans. Their skin tone was likely similar to that of modern Turks.

So why do Nordicists claim the cultural achievements of other groups? Some obvious examples are the achievements of the ancient Indians, Greeks, Romans, and even Egyptians. Yes, there are Nordicists (and I used to be one of them) who claim the ancient Egyptians were blond-haired Nordics. When I think back to why I engaged in such irrational behavior and conduct, it was to associate myself with the achievements of these groups. I felt, if my racial or subracial group brought forth these civilizations, then by extension I had greater self-worth by sharing the genetic material of these groups. It was thus a way for me to assert myself in what seemed like a complex and chaotic world that lacked meaning. This is, it seems, a prelude to or at least an attempt to obviate nihilism. It goes without saying that I was not fully aware of these very deep motives.

Needless to say, I recognize that it is both cowardly and erroneous to gain self-worth through the achievements of other men, however genetically related they supposedly are. In our society, we gain value by our own achievements, particularly those that are validated or recognized by a standard cultural process. After all, wouldn’t it be stupid to put the achievements of an Egyptian pharaoh on a resume and assert that you share the same hair color? This would relegate you as a “nutjob” in the real world, and likewise should those who try to build their self-worth by clinging to the achievements of ancient peoples be regarded.

Not only is this an example of fallacious reasoning, but it is also insulting to those groups whose cultures I tried to claim. I not only falsely insinuated myself into their cultural identity and heritage, but I also attempted to demean them through this process of self-deception. The latter part is what makes this practice so revolting: once you gain insight into this motivation and its sheer absurdity, you can only feel a sense of shame and self-loathing until you do as I am doing now and openly condemn this behavior to hopefully spare others of its degradation.

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I am a former White Nationalist and Nordicist who has decided to evolve and embrace humanity. I believe we are all one big human family and that our higher mission is to peacefully coexist.

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