Why I Abandoned Nordicism

I became a full-fledged White Nationalist and Nordicist when I saw young attractive white girls hooking up with and dating Southern Europeans, non-whites, and especially black men in my youth. As a love-shy white man of northern European extraction, I found this very discomforting. On the internet, I found a home on websites and in web forums that declared me, solely because of my race and subrace, to be superior to others. I relished this sudden feeling of power that I had never before experienced. So I became very hateful towards other races and cultures on the false assumption that I would be rising at their expense. What I saw over time, however, is that the hate and bitterness that consumed me only made me less attractive to women and prevented me from bettering myself.

I learned that in order to achieve my goals, I had to improve myself rather than put others down. This is somewhat counterintuitive for many, since we naturally tend to compare ourselves to others. I suppose this is merely a sophomoric phase before reaching full maturation. Now, looking back, I see that others who thought like I did have not achieved much in life, while members of other races and subraces are actually thriving. For me, this realization was painful but necessary.

There is now a growth of the internet subculture known as the incelosphere or blackpill. If I had to guess, many Nordicists are prone to joining these groups (White Nationalists in the incel culture are known as “Stormfrontcels”). What Nordicists and incels have in common is in their fixation on female breeding patterns, a feeling of being unattractive (deep down), and being insecure about sexual competition from other races (and even subraces). Once again, the antidote for these groups is not hating others but instead embracing and improving oneself. It is my aim to steer people to work on self-improvement rather than engaging in the self-degrading practice of finding self-worth in one’s racial group or lineage.

Published by formernordicist

I am a former White Nationalist and Nordicist who has decided to evolve and embrace humanity. I believe we are all one big human family and that our higher mission is to peacefully coexist.

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