Why Nordicists Are Not Aryan

With the growth and advancement of archaeogenetics, we now have a clearer picture of the likely Proto-Indo-Europeans (the Yamnaya) and their offshoots such as the Sintashta and Indo-Aryan cultures. We now know that the Proto-Indo-Europeans emerged in the steppes of Southern Russia and Ukraine c. 4,000 to 3,000 B.C. They appear to have been related to the later Corded Ware culture of central Europe, both genetically and culturally, and other emergent Indo-European groups. The putative original group, the Yamnaya, were composed for the most part of hunter-gatherer ancestry from the east and Caucasus, and also had an injection of early Neolithic farmer ancestry from the Mediterranean. The Yamnaya were primarily brunet and swarthy.

Geneticists have found that, with the aid of the horse, the Yamnaya expanded by conquering neighboring groups, slaughtering the men and breeding with the women. Thus, the patrilineal haprogroups R1b and R1a spread throughout much of Europe and West and South Asia. The offspring of these conquests became the next generation of Indo-European conquerors spreading their languages and culture, while also absorbing cultural features of the vanquished. The emergence of Hinduism in the Indian subcontinent is a good example of such syncretism. The polytheism of the Indo-Aryan invaders was merged with the meditative and Yogic practices already present in the Indus Valley (Harappan) civilization.

While the Indo-Aryans that invaded the Indian subcontinent and modern-day Iran were descended from the Sintashta culture, which itself was an offshoot of the Corded Ware culture (it is theorized that some Indo-Europeans entered central Europe from the Russian steppes and returned to the steppes, and from there spread to Asia), they were still at the time significantly more pigmented than the Nordicist’s idealized racial type with blond hair and blue eyes. As I pointed out before, the Indo-Aryans likely resembled modern Turks in their pigmentation, though the geneticist Razib Khan has asserted that he found blue eyes in a quarter of the Sintashta samples upon reviewing their genetic material. So, if Nordicists are to still call themselves “Aryan” in light of this genetic revelation, they might as well also embrace the pigmentation of their Southern European and Levantine neighbors as it more accurately reflects the skin tone of their mythologized ancestors. More than likely, Nordicists will increasingly abandon the term and see it simply as a byproduct of ignorance or scientific error predating the arrival of archaeogenetics.

But it’s not merely in the phenotype that the Indo-Aryans differed from modern-day Nordicists. These were warriors intent on plunder who, without regard for subracial differences or nuances, killed off the men of the tribes they invaded and bred with the women. Whether it was the big-boned hunter-gatherers of northern Europe, the slender farmers of southern and central Europe, or the even darker farmers of the Indian subcontinent, these men were eager to fuck and spread their genes come hell or high water. That modern Persians call themselves “Aryan” and even named their country as the “land of the Aryans” (Iran) underscores this point. Psychologically, they were anything but sheltered men yearning nostalgically for some concept of traditionalism or forced monogamy as we see with modern Nordicists. In having studied the Yamnaya people, I have come to realize just how un-Aryan I was when I embraced Nordicism. It’s somewhat embarrassing to me, but, again, some ignorance was justified given how little was known of the Proto-Indo-Europeans until recently.

Now that we know so much more about the spread of Indo-European languages and cultures, I think we should try as best as we can to glean the wisdom of these peoples. Rather than glorifying cultural or genetic insulation, as White Nationalists and Nordicists are prone to do, we should instead aim to be open to the wonders that await us when we explore other cultures and perspectives. These are peoples who, despite all of the obstacles they faced, rode their horses and chariots to the ends of the Earth in search of wealth and adventure. Had they remained in the steppes with the sole aim of preserving their women for themselves – and to preserve their genotype – modern Europe and the West might be speaking languages more similar to Basque or other non-Indo-European tongues. We wouldn’t even be alive today.

Why I Abandoned Nordicism

I became a full-fledged White Nationalist and Nordicist when I saw young attractive white girls hooking up with and dating Southern Europeans, non-whites, and especially black men in my youth. As a love-shy white man of northern European extraction, I found this very discomforting. On the internet, I found a home on websites and in web forums that declared me, solely because of my race and subrace, to be superior to others. I relished this sudden feeling of power that I had never before experienced. So I became very hateful towards other races and cultures on the false assumption that I would be rising at their expense. What I saw over time, however, is that the hate and bitterness that consumed me only made me less attractive to women and prevented me from bettering myself.

I learned that in order to achieve my goals, I had to improve myself rather than put others down. This is somewhat counterintuitive for many, since we naturally tend to compare ourselves to others. I suppose this is merely a sophomoric phase before reaching full maturation. Now, looking back, I see that others who thought like I did have not achieved much in life, while members of other races and subraces are actually thriving. For me, this realization was painful but necessary.

There is now a growth of the internet subculture known as the incelosphere or blackpill. If I had to guess, many Nordicists are prone to joining these groups (White Nationalists in the incel culture are known as “Stormfrontcels”). What Nordicists and incels have in common is in their fixation on female breeding patterns, a feeling of being unattractive (deep down), and being insecure about sexual competition from other races (and even subraces). Once again, the antidote for these groups is not hating others but instead embracing and improving oneself. It is my aim to steer people to work on self-improvement rather than engaging in the self-degrading practice of finding self-worth in one’s racial group or lineage.

Why Nordicists Fear Mediterranean and South Asian Men

Mediterranean Chad vs. Nordicist Nordcuck.

This blog would be incomplete without discussing why Nordicists fear Southern European, West Asian, and South Asian men. On the surface, they may imply they are superior racial specimens to these other men, but below the surface they have a fear that women of their subrace may choose these other men instead. This act by northern European women is seen not only as betrayal, but also an implicit affirmation of the genetic unworthiness of the men who perceive themselves as abandoned (this is their perception, not reality, I should stress).

Since Nordicism puts fair skin and hair on a pedestal, and because these traits are believed to be genetically recessive, there is a fear among Nordicist men that allowing competing races of men in their societies enables their genetic annihilation. Already, these men find themselves overwhelmed by rising hypergamy among women and sexual competition among the men of their own kind. Adding this type of genetic diversity to a pool perceived as recessive, and given the predilection for exotic genes in mate selection – if not in the majority of cases at least in a significant minority – we can see using this logic why Nordicist men would obsess about the presence of potential competitors in their midst.

In actuality, no particular race or subrace of men is superior to another in any objective sense. Men perceived to be sexual competitors, such as Mediterranean and South Asian men, are thus not superior. I only highlight this point because, despite the arrogance of Nordicist men (usually it’s men) in asserting their superiority in various ways (particularly in boasting of the achievements of their group and in claiming the achievements of others), there is an underlying fear that their women may select these supposedly inferior men instead, or at least enough over time that their recessive genes are diminished in the population.

The solution, then, is not to corral women to control their reproductive organs and reimplement National Socialism, or some type of bizarre traditionalism inspired by pre-industrial societies. Rather, it is for these men to adjust to the realities of an increasingly pluralistic society and to simply make themselves more sexually competitive by bettering themselves. Just as they presumably reject the notion of equality of outcomes in jobs or economic status, so too should they abandon the hope that their individual shortcomings will be alleviated by some type of enforced monogamy of a National Socialist character.

Why Nordicists Claim Other Civilizations

Why Nordicists claim other civilizations.

The subject of Nordicists appropriating the cultural achievements of others has been widely discussed. However, the claims of Nordicists are generally not taken very seriously, especially as DNA evidence confirms the genetic flow of historical populations. Some scientists even believe that blondism, at least to the degree it now exists in northern Europe, spread to a large extent in the historical period. The Proto-Indo-Europeans (the Yamnaya) and their offshoots such as the Indo-Aryans were thus swarthy, or at least not as light-skinned as modern northern Europeans. Their skin tone was likely similar to that of modern Turks.

So why do Nordicists claim the cultural achievements of other groups? Some obvious examples are the achievements of the ancient Indians, Greeks, Romans, and even Egyptians. Yes, there are Nordicists (and I used to be one of them) who claim the ancient Egyptians were blond-haired Nordics. When I think back to why I engaged in such irrational behavior and conduct, it was to associate myself with the achievements of these groups. I felt, if my racial or subracial group brought forth these civilizations, then by extension I had greater self-worth by sharing the genetic material of these groups. It was thus a way for me to assert myself in what seemed like a complex and chaotic world that lacked meaning. This is, it seems, a prelude to or at least an attempt to obviate nihilism. It goes without saying that I was not fully aware of these very deep motives.

Needless to say, I recognize that it is both cowardly and erroneous to gain self-worth through the achievements of other men, however genetically related they supposedly are. In our society, we gain value by our own achievements, particularly those that are validated or recognized by a standard cultural process. After all, wouldn’t it be stupid to put the achievements of an Egyptian pharaoh on a resume and assert that you share the same hair color? This would relegate you as a “nutjob” in the real world, and likewise should those who try to build their self-worth by clinging to the achievements of ancient peoples be regarded.

Not only is this an example of fallacious reasoning, but it is also insulting to those groups whose cultures I tried to claim. I not only falsely insinuated myself into their cultural identity and heritage, but I also attempted to demean them through this process of self-deception. The latter part is what makes this practice so revolting: once you gain insight into this motivation and its sheer absurdity, you can only feel a sense of shame and self-loathing until you do as I am doing now and openly condemn this behavior to hopefully spare others of its degradation.

Joe Rogan on Incels

Joe Rogan makes some insightful comments about incels. I covered before how racism and inceldom overlap, so both racists and incels can benefit from watching this video. In the aftermath of the 2018 Toronto van attack by a supposed incel, Rogan suggests that men who identify as incel learn to become likeable.

As a mega-successful Italian-American who is a podcast host and UFC color commentator, Rogan is a great model for young men. When he says “man up!”, young men should listen.

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